Catchment Management

A new effective management program is being developed that supports an optimized operation of drainage systems and systematic maintenance of pumping stations.
By connecting a pump control (e.g. Dedicated Control (Grundfos) designed for advanced control and monitoring of pump stations) with SewerView (Krüger), designed for both forecast, on-line monitoring and control / documentation of basin filling, overflow, valve setting and flow, a unique control system is provided that can efficiently optimize the daily operation of a drainage system.
Together, the two systems will define new key figures (new combinations), and new control algorithms for operational optimization of both drainage and purification systems.
In order to get the benefit of data and set up the management of the wastewater, the following is done:
• An advanced drainage model is developed and a surface model is elaborated of the catchment area of Gummerup purification plant.
• A detailed analysis of e.g. drainage and operating information is carried out.
• Pump stations are installed with a dosage for fighting hydrogen sulphide, etc. In addition, hardware and software for data communication.
• After that, the software Sewerview and Dedicated Controls are installed, and data exchange is established through a new open source software. The software is set up for automatic analysis, specification, and programming, etc.
• In one of the catchment areas, an H2S meter is installed for documentation of the H2S level and for facilitating damping measures, and generally, provide more knowledge about the formation of H2S.