Laughing gas

We must also control the laughing gas!
The global temperature is rising and the water level in Esbjerg harbor has increased by ~ 12 cm in the 1900s. Only few people are aware that there are other greenhouse gases than CO2. Laughing gas (N2O) is a greenhouse gas that is 300 times as potent as CO2, and is also one of the biggest threats to the ozone layer.
Laughing gas escapes as a by-product of biological nitrogen removal in urban treatment plants. The very same bacteria that purify our waste water of nitrogen also produce laughing gas, which is then released into the air.
At the Gummerup purification plant, researchers from Danish Technical University, department of Environment measure the production of laughing gas (in the liquid phase) as well as the release from the liquid phase to the air. Based on these measurements, we can calculate how much laughing gas is released per removed nitrogen compound during the biological purification process. These measurements will be compared to measurements from the HEPWAT plant. At the HEPWAT full scale plant, researchers will test different strategies based on laboratory trials that have previously proved to be effective for reducing laughing gas releases from the very same bacteria which are used in the HEPWAT plant.