HEPWAT will develop new wastewater treatment solutions in one of Assens Forsyning’s waste water plants, Gummerup.
It will function as a living laboratory - a LiveLab. The LiveLab is being projected in Spring 2017 and will be taken into service in March 2018.
The new sewage solutions developed in the LiveLab dictate design and functionality in Assens Supply's upcoming central treatment plant at Assens City.
This will be taken into use in 2020, and will thus be "born" with the latest technologies.
The lighthouse project's goals include: introduce new processes and process combinations that both increase the purification capacity's ability to transform organic matter into bioenergy, and at the same time use less energy. In addition, solutions will be developed to remove more substances in the wastewater.
All of this will be tied together in the integrated control and surveillance system, where data from pipes and pumps sensors are collected and analyzed, and the various processes for collecting and treating waste water interact and align one after another.